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Having been the driving factor that has pushed brands from being unknown, to TikTok famous, selling 100’s of thousands in revenue monthly, we are your only and best option. Having learnt the hard way with these so called ‘Tiktok Creator Agencies’ we know what brands need, and we now provide exactly that.

We force the market to see your products.. using techniques that drew tens of millions of eyes to our current brands, with an extensive database of influencers, who are itching to sell your brand for you.


Leverage the power of TikTok

Our strategies to bring your product to a whole new market

We help businesses of any size leverage the massive opportunities that TikTok has to offer, to launch there product like no other place. Leverage the power of TikTok and our proven strategies to make a monumental sales and awareness platform for your brand! We have tried and tested the ways that

Tested & Proven Methods

So. you don't have to.

what we do what TikMarketing provides...

Range of

We are bespoke to you! We understand that many brands, as with our own, have varying requirements.

At Tikmarketing we can provide:

. Full Account Management and Setup

. Content Creation For Your Brands Main Page

. Affiliate Marketing Management and Onboarding

. Spark Ads Setup and Management

. Connections within Tiktok themselves through our long standing partnerships, unlocking exclusive seller benefits.

 . Dedicated Account Manager

 . Insights into brand opportunities and potential developments

. Live management and support and EVEN hosting

Our Process

Click below to fill in the brand form now! One of our team will be in touch to discuss your application.

Sign Up with Tik Marketing

Begin your journey by signing up with Tik Marketing. Provide your basic information and brand details to create your account. This step is straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

Consultation and Brand Alignment

After signing up, schedule a consultation with our experts. We'll discuss your brand, target audience, and content strategy. This step ensures that we align your content with the right strategies and the TikTok platform.

Launch Preparation

Now it's time to focus on what we do best—creating hype and interest on TikTok content with our team and network. We handle the technical aspects of ads management, including campaign setup, optimization, and audience targeting, making it effortless for you to get the best launch possible!

Track, Optimize, and Earn

As the content gains traction, you can monitor your affiliate sales and performance through our user-friendly dashboard. We continuously optimize your campaigns to maximize your earnings. It's that easy!



Rate Cards

Please note our rate cards are a guide of what we typically offer. We also tailor make service packages to suit the needs for any business depending on your needs and capabilities.

Rate Card

Book A Call To Enquire About rates and Packages

✔ TikTok Shop Set-up and Tutorial
✔ Ads Manager Guide
✔ FBT ( Fulfilled By TikTok) Guide
✔ Live Set Up and Tutorial
✔ Main Page Short Video Content 1 post Per Day
✔ Logistics Guide
✔ Full Time Support
✔ Performance Consulting
✔ Alignment Day
✔ Ads Strategy And Management
✔ Affiliate Posts
✔ AI Video Posts
Service Card

Please Enquire For Independant Pricing

✔ TikTok Shop And Ads Manager Set-Up + Guide
✔ UGC Content/Affiliate Content
✔ UGC Content Creator For Main Page
✔ Live Presenter
✔ Live Stream With Our Presenter and Studio
✔ AI Content 1 Video Per Day For 1 Month
✔ AI Content 2 Videos Per Day for 1 Month
✔ Studio Product Photography
✔ Ad Campaign Strategy and Management
✔ Marketing Graphics Design
✔ Extra Services

Alignment day – on day 1 we will send a member of our team to you in person to learn everything about your business and strategise your TikTok success!

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